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We are a consulting and contracting company that provides engineering, technical, procurement, project management and construction solutions for the electric power generation, transmission, and distribution industries; we also provide services for the oil refineries, natural gas, mining, oil storage tanks, pipelines, energy infrastructure industries and markets. Our consultants and partners serve the energy industry worldwide. Collaborating with leading technical partners to enable delivery of a wide variety of sustainable projects; our clients and partners includes major energy players, industries, regulators, and government bodies. We have highly dedicated and experienced team of professional that work with a local country partner, as well as support high-level government and supplier negotiations.

Consulting & Contracting 100%
Sustenability 75%
Development 80%
Project Management 70%
Energy Solutions 95%

Our vision is to improve productivity and standard of living through targeted energy solutions worldwide and to use our pool of talented resources and technology to enable better customer energy choices and use. We actively seek partnerships with utilities, and energy companies, renewable developers, regulators to engage in the fulfillment of requests for energy needs.

We contract with companies, governments, and energy companies to deliver effective solutions in specialty areas as well as provide international business development and management for emerging economies as well as engage in direct foreign investment opportunities. We specialize in power, oil and gas, renewable energy, solar, and natural minerals and our investment advisory has positioned as an industry leader in the emerging energy markets.

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